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Ticket sales cover less than half the total budget of any performing arts organization. Please consider making a charitable contribution to the Punta Gorda Symphony. Your gifts make our mainstage performances, and all our programs, possible. Thank you!

Gifts are also accepted through donor-advised funds, estate plans, and corporate matching programs. For assistance in making arrangements, please contact the office at 941-205-5996 or jennifer@PGsymphony.org.


Annual Fund

Gifts of all sizes enable us to provide quality orchestral programming to our community.

Annual Required Minimum Distribution

Consider the PGSymphony when taking the required minimum distribution from your IRA. You can have the payment directed right to us, and avoid the taxes altogether.

Legacy Society

Please think of us when making your estate plans. And if you already have us listed in your will, please notify the office so we may acknowledge you properly for this meaningful gesture!

Stock Transfer

We use StockDonator.com so it’s easy to transfer stock as a charitable contribution.

Donate Stock To Punta Gorda Symphony

Symphony Friends

Give your time and talent! Volunteerism is so rewarding when done with your Friends! Join this active group of like-minded individuals and get involved to give back to the PGSymphony.


$100,000 Benefactor
Elizabeth B. McGraw Foundation

$25,000 Leader
Susan A. Galvin
S. Scott Gould
Florida Division of Arts and Culture

$10,000 Maestro’s Circle
L.R. Askew and Rose Askew-Hergenhan
Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation
Ron and Cindy Blythe
Karl Fedronas and Kathleen Kelle
Michael and Jamie Landsberg
Anthony and Judith Licata
John and Donna Peterman
John and Catherine Reiche
Judi Roth
John and Doris Rudibaugh
The Patterson Foundation

$5,000 Artist’s Circle
Dr. and Mrs. Ramon A. Gil
Harbor Nissan
Kevin and Jeanne Hogan
Drs. Steven and Stephanie Shell
Tyler and Carolyn Swanson

$2,500 Concertmaster’s Circle
Farr Law Firm
Lydia Gattanell
Ronald and Annemarie Klein
Carolyn Kvam-Hansman
Fred and Jean Allegretti Foundation
Gene and Barbara McPherson
Gary and Vicki Mize
Robert and Teresa Steinway
Symphony Friends
Carl Wolaver and Nancy Lambert

$1,000 Musician’s Circle
Rosemarie Arnoldt
Alana Badinger
Dr. Gary and Ann Berger
Dr. David and Lois Bock
Sushila Cherian
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Chupka
Charles and Kay Clever
Fred Cort and Carol Ryan
Edward and Kate Curley
George and Judy Darrell
Robert and Carol Dewire
Muriel DeStefano
Joe and Pam Gallant
Mark Giraldi and Barbara Lechman
Elspeth Anne Gutsell
Robert Ives
Clyde and Margaret Kang
Thomas and Patricia Kessler
Orpha Joann Kidd
Carolyn Kvam-Hansman
McCrory Law Firm
Frank Llamas and Maura McMahon
Scott and Colleen Lowry
Barbara Magill and Richard Meisse
Donald and Barbara McCarrick
Gene McPherson and Barbara Howe
Era Jo Moorer
Robert and Barbara Neitzke
David and Nancy Palmer
David and Joan Phillips
Maureen Rand
Dr. and Mrs. David Rice
Hermann and Jeri Schaller
James and Holly Scherzi
Bill and Jeannie Schmidt
Jon and Penny Shattuck
Capt. Dennis Slaughter UAL (Ret)
Edna South
June B. Stark
Robert and Kathryn Strayton
Mark Strom
Roger and Norma Villeno, M.D.
Carl Wolaver and Nancy Lambert
Alice Zachos

$500 Patron
David Alverson
Ambitrans Medical Transport, Inc.
Raymond and Joan Byron
Anthony and Alice D’Anna
Kim Devine
Guy and Annette Emerich
Lorraine Fenton
Robert Hardy
Diane and Erik Hoffer
Madeleine Ibberson
Ken and Nancy Klaren
Samuel Kniffen
Joseph and Diana Lehr
Donald and Barbara McCarrick
The National Orchestral Association
Nancy L. Nichols
Peter and Juanita Pawlisch
William Pretsch
Ronald and Mary Lou Reed
Thomas and Linda Rice
Robert Richardson and Shawn Thompson
Frank and Nancy Robinson
Alexandra and Paul Sacilotto
Wallace and Phyllis Sadoff
Hermann and Jeri Schaller
Paul and Lesley Seldenright
Bradford W. Southworth
Avice Sunter
Dr. Jose and Mrs. Holly Suriol / Four Point by Sheraton
Dale and Cynthia Swope
Christy and Jan Van Heek
Stephen and Kathleen Warwick
Robert Weitz
Jacqueline Witt
Frederick Wuensch

Guest Artist and Concert Pianist Jeffrey Biegel performs at a PGSymphony donor event at Babcock Ranch.
PGSymphony Donors meet with Guest Artist Jeffrey Biegel and Composer Kenneth Fuchs after performing at the CPAC.
Guest Artist and Violinist David Kim, accompanied by Isabelle Aubin, entertains guests during a private salon concert in January 2020.

$250 Supporter
Robert and Sherry Bechtold
Dr. Richard & Mary Berg
Reginald and Dorothy Brooks
Barton L. (Gaby) Childs
Wilfred and Patricia Dommeruth
Linda Ebert
Thomas and Katherine Des Enfants
Arline Fitzmaurice
Laura Flachs
Martha Fyfe
Linda Greene
Lindsay and Debbie Harrington
Hugh A. Havlik
Joanne Hyltin
J. William Jones
Joan Lasley
Steven Lazar and Susan Shaw
Dolores Lazarus
Maura Matzko
Edith Nelson
Julie Perez
Robert and Mary Pratt
Joanne D Ryder
Robert Schumann
Nancy Sharpless
Natile Skrzyniarz
Arthur and Julie Sporny
Stanislaw and Julienne Szybalski
Cynthia Weatherston
Robert L. Weitz

$100 Donation
Kay Ackerson
Drew Alloway
David Alverson
Marvin and Mona Aronow
American Association of University Women
James and Kimberly Amontree
Christine Arnott
Marvin and Mona Aronow
William and Beth Atkinson
Craig Badinger
Jan Baker
Dr. David Ballestas
Karen Bennett
Marjorie Benson
Barbara Berman
Bick and Ginny Bicknell
Jill Bierens
Jim and Barbara Bonneville
Elizabeth Brown
Steve and Melissa Brown
Gregory and Judi Budinger
Marilyn Burwell
Nance Carlson
Jane Carr
Elizabeth Cassidy
Stephen Chiarello, M.D. and Pat Chiarello, M.D.
Frederic Cort & Carol Ryan
Patricia Cote
Gail Daneman
Thomas and Katherine Darrell
Roger and Elizabeth DeHond
Muriel and Frank* Destefano
Marvin and Joanell Dyrstad
Darrell Ebert
Iris Edkins
James Ellsworth
Lillian Fairbank
Elizabeth Fargo
Peter and Deborah Fischer
Maureen Fitzpatrick
Ms. Michele Fleischacker
Carolyn and Thomas Freeland
Sandra Funk
Amy and Gregory Gebauer
Rosemary H. Giles
Lisa Gillen
Jane Gingerich
Eileen Glassman
Norman and Maryann Gravelle
Joyce and Richard Greenwald
John Groff
Seth Grossman
Thomas and Manuela Gruber
Fabiana Guazzelli
Frank and Elizabeth Harter
Brian and Yvonne Heer
Laura Heine
Julia Heise
Karen Hittson
Sally Hoogheem
Charlene Hoover
Alpha Huddleston
Genie Jorgensen
Michael Juergensen
Cecilia Keklak
A. Paul Kidd
Maj. Gen. (Ret) Eugene Klynoot
Lorinda Ku
Dawn Leeper
Marion S. Lewis
John and Sandy Lorden
Margaret Love
Charles and Elaine Marlowe
Charles and Jerry Marsee
Mike Martin
Dorothy Matoon
Maura McMahon
Barbara McNamara
Brian McNulty
Mary Melgard
Cindy and Marc Melser, M.D.
Elwood and Margaret Miles
George and Dalette Miller
Andrea Millerschoen
Joan Beverly Moeller
Jay Montero
Mike and Sherrie Moody
Dr. Howard and Karen Noonan
Betty Novick
Judith Oswald
Marilyn Pachota
Lynne Pallarino
Peter Parsil and Brooke Minnich
Maureen Peters
Diane B. Peterson
Odette Port
Stephen and Kim Powell
Nancy Prescott
Cara Reynolds
Janice Reynolds
Timothy Reynolds
Rich Risse
Margo and Joseph Roca
William and Marilyn Schaff
Krystyna Schnier
Barbara Schulman
Mike and Maggie Schut
Patricia Scott
Brenton and Diane Sedgwick
Diana Simms
Anne Simpson
Peter and Elaine Sinden
Roger Sipson
Christine L Smith
Phil Smithka
Roger and Carol Sperry
Dr. and Mrs. Roger and Alice Spier
Carol W. Stevens
James and Marlene Stice
Doris Strieter
Julie Stuberg
Jane Sturges
Josep M. Suriol
Jeff and Rebecca Tashjian
Ralph and Cheryl Temple
Theisen Family Trust
Richard Tolson
Barbara Tuckey
Myles and Linda Walder
Roselyn Warren
Terri and Richard Whitacre
Nancy White
Violet Wight
Janet Wilcox
John Williams
William and Beverlee Winslow
Helen Wirsing
Terrance Wright
Richard and Janeen Yankowski

Janet Baker
By: Nancy Sharpless

Pat Cote’s 90th Birthday
By: Kathy Kelle & Karl Fedronas

Barbara & Donald McCarrick’s 60th Anniversary
By: Suzanne Scalione

Allan Edkins*
By: Iris Edkins
Karen Hittson
Cynthia Weatherston

Laura Flachs*
By: Maureen Peters

Douglas Lowndes*
By: Maureen Peters

Edward & Reina Krause*
By: Kate Krause

David Orlowski*
By: Joan Lasley

Eleanor Skinner*
By: Scott Bolch

June B. Stark*
By: Maureen Peters

Lists are current as of February 3, 2023, and represent annual giving over the recent 12 months. If your name is not listed where or how you expected it, please contact the Executive Director, Jennifer Bitner, so we may address any errors. 941-205-5996.




$100 Donation

$250 Donation – Supporter

$500 Donation – Patron

$1,000 Donation – Musician’s Circle

$2,500 Donation – Concertmaster’s Circle

$5,000 Donation – Artist’s Circle

$10,000 Donation – Maestro’s Circle


Punta Gorda Symphony is proud to have been part of The Patterson Foundation’s Advancing Mission Thrivability initiative.

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